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Thursday, June 16, 2011Y

its been years i never update my blog. i'll only update my blog if necessary. currently busying with all my results. my results this time real worse than ever. probably i even worst than the girl whom used to get last in the class, CYN. i was really surprise with my results this time. how am i suppose to tell my mom about the results i've got? maybe i'll even get last in the class. AMAZING! i wanted to leave school as early i could. left few months to go. lets study and try my best to get a better results next exam which is trial spm. its going to be a real tough month for me. The following is what i wanted to say to you guys,
CYN- yeahh i know this time you did quite okay for your exam this time but doesn't mean i'm going to lose to you everytime and each exam. i'll make sure i can get all higher marks than you. and please do not ever ask EZRIN about my results for bio. i don't even want to let you see why are you being such a bitchy asking peoples for my marks?
PYJ- ohhh, wey are you seriously jaspreet dog or what? you have to ask her for every single thing? LOL. maybe you don't understand english i won't blame you okay? its not a problem seriously. and you're seriously a fake friend of mine. you'll only use someone when you need and throw something away when you don't need them anymore. appreciate what you have.
JASPREET- i purposely wrote your name here just because you been rude to me so so so much. saying that i'm turning and twisting stories. LOL. did i? pleasee do not think you're always the right one because you're not. you did nothing for nie and you want koko marks with your money back? just because teacher says you're not allow to have pizza? LOL. malu? you deserved it. i don't care even if you said i'm not a good friend of you or what. i just don't care.
VGHYY- you always thought that you're clever and what you did is all pretty and nice? don't be so perasan because sometimes you did something ugly too. don't be too over okay?
thats all i wanted to express my words to. even i felt just a little bit okay after writing everything here. crying is the best way to express my feelings than sharing to someone that won't understand. goodnight.

heart blue w/ glitter 3:56 AM

Thursday, April 14, 2011Y

OHMYGOD. my birthday is just around the corner. next friday? wheeeee. i can't wait. but i don't think its going to be fun on that day. seriously not so fun. sigh. i wish to have lots of lots of presents. hhee. and i feel like opening a party at kbox. but i don't know its working or not. might not. =/ so sad you know? its just not about my birthday its also about my mid year term exam on my mother's birthday. thats AWESOME (:


heart blue w/ glitter 3:51 AM

Friday, April 8, 2011Y

LOOK what's the time and date now. how come day passes so fast? its going to be my birthday dy leh but things didn't goes that awesome like i've planned. well, i've planned to have my birthday party in AIRPORT unfortunately most of them couldn't make it and what's the point of having a party for my birthday? and he've done ZERO thing for me. him as my boy should do something for my birthday right? maybe i'll celebrate all on my own this year. its not about the money its all about the heart. the very first year my birthday is on goodfriday and its a holiday for my school. but is there any difference? nothing seems to be the difference for this year. hahahhahaa. sigh. why is things getting worse? i felt so tired of these days thinking of my birthday my studies and HIM! the fucking him! do you think you deserve my LOVE!? eh,i've given too much freedom to you. maybe you've not use to it. can we just break up? i feel like saying this word AGAIN! its AGAIN! sigh. you ever done something for me when i'm feeling empty? ZERO! you only knows how to advise me to smile this and that. ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS! you understand!? you will never understand. tired of saying about shit stuff which is not going to stay long. yining asked me if i wanted to join her to taiwan but you see i never put too much hope on it because i knew it was just a dream for me. even how cheap the airplane ticket is the answer will be a NO! i've knew what the answer will be and what for am i asking her? LOL. so funny me. when can i go TAIWAN? LOL. i don't know. maybe few years later? or maybe not? i'm so stress these days. it doesn't seems like i'm in a boyfriend mood even if i had one.

p/s ; should we continue? or shouldn't we?

heart blue w/ glitter 5:54 AM

Sunday, March 27, 2011Y

i always ask myself " why am i always the one who's less fortunate? " i don't know why. maybe i deserve it (: time flies its almost going to be APRIL now. my birthday is getting nearer and nearer. mm ging mm gok i've broke up with you almost a month plus ler. happy and sad things go. deactivating facebook maybe the first step i should take to forget somebody and someone (: isn't going to be the best? might be and might not. i'm confused what i want ): him or him? or both? i saw something on WKW's facebook. she wrote there she unexpected someone text her in the middle of the night. is it him? or a different people? LOL. i've been thinking too much these days and make me so headache. feel like banging my head on the wall. i'm serious. no kidding (: while time passes everything will be alright. SPM its going to be just around the corner. got no time to spend when i really wanted to studies nowdays even i'm still onlining here. XD. well, never talk to tommy since he flies to germany. where's him now? never talk never ask. should ask him how's him there right? (: yeap i should. my birthday is coming eh. so near so near. got to countdown. yeeeeeeeee. i wished to have an iphone for my birthday but daddy says mou money buy wor. so sad you know? supposingly i'm having my party at greentown geh oldtown. heeeeeee :D its aprilfool this friday. don't get prank (: thats what i wanted to share today. goodbye. will update soon. (:

p/s ; i'm not the one.

heart blue w/ glitter 10:55 PM

Monday, February 7, 2011Y
ITS 8/2/2011

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. HORWEIWEN is back. i'm tough and i'm a strong girl. mummy talked to me once more this morning. TOUCHED ='(. she hugged me. guess this was the very first time she hugged me when i grown up as a adult? MY MUMMY IS ALWAYS THE BEST. MUMMY i'll promise you make sure i'll study well and not to go out late at night. alright? ILOVEYOU so much MUMMY (: the only woman that could make me smile in my hard times. what i need is time to recover back my mood and especially my neck. D: the skin is tearing i guess? this is so sad. i don't know what should i do tomorrow. sobs. well, sorry TOMMYLEONGMINON if i hurt you with my words. i didn't mean it. i'm sorry.

heart blue w/ glitter 7:16 AM

Sunday, February 6, 2011Y

why do things could happened in a really short time? what's the answer for this? I DON'T KNOW. how good if things could change or time could flow back so that no one could make mistakes? i'm so headache about my neck. when is it going to leave my neck? i don't know. i'm not going to school tomorrow. not even on tuesday. when could you leave me? ): i'm praying hard that you'll leave me. i doesn't want this mark. please leave me as soon as possible. can you? JESUS, please take it away. i'm praying hard for this miracle. ): i never will go out till late at night. i promise JESUS. i will never go home so late at night. can you please just leave my heart? i've let you go but it is my heart is still with you? WHY IS IT ALWAYS A YOU IN ME and NOT A ME IN YOU? i'm tired i'm real tired. let me go. let me leave. never ever let me see you anymore. i would have forget you as time flies. life come and life goes. why not live happier for each and everyday? (: stay cool girl.
Delete you from Facebook: Done ✔
Delete you from Msn: Done ✔
Delete you from cell phone: Done ✔
Delete you from the Heart:Error ✖ ♥

heart blue w/ glitter 4:09 AM

Saturday, February 5, 2011Y

its cho-4 today. probably i still got to stay inside my room once again. and once again mummy talked to me. console me not to be so childish. think mature girl. you're no longer a 2 years old baby. you should think wiser. there's no guys who's good in this world. why not have a better life for myself? yesterday night i couldn't even sleep well. i don't feel alright. yes,i do sleep but then i woke up. i don't know why i feel so uncomfortable. i hate you,ONGCHEEKEN. please do not let me see you anymore. you're like a piece of shit. you're ugly. you're fat. you're brainless why do i still love you? ONGCHEEKEN,bloody asshole YOU DON'T DESERVE MY LOVE! just disappear from my mind okay? i should have listen to lemon to forget about this relation but why am i do dumb still going for such relationship? OMG! HORWEIWEN don't you think you're so dumb? always thinking about the same person who wouldn't think about you every day? YUCK! HORWEIWEN can't you start with your new life? i hope that the mark on my neck is going to disappear as fast as possible so that i wouldn't have think about it anymore and i can start with my new life. ONGCHEEKEN, if you wouldn't ask for break ups i wouldn't have been to barroom. if i wouldn't have been to barroom nothing is going to happen to me. ITS ALL ABOUT YOU! I HATE YOU SO MUCH! GET AWAY FROM MY LIFE. I SHOULD HAVE START AND CONCENTRATE ON MY STUDIES. please do not think anything else than STUDIES! alright,horweiwen? you must stay strong and no more going out till late at night. ITS A MUST!

heart blue w/ glitter 8:58 PM