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Thursday, December 30, 2010Y

can you feel it?
can you read my mind? ):
people says broken heart is like broken soul but i think every part of mine were BROKEN D:
its really heart every night to sleep without your message.
every morning wake up without your message ),:
day flies so slow without your caring your love to me.
i'm alone walking this road without lights without peoples guide.
i never asked for recouple.
you thinks different and i thinks different too.
you're mature and ain't.
you said that i wasn't your demanding i understand.
i'm really really down without you by my side.
and i know you're there enjoying your trip with your friends.
i wish i will be there ):
IMY so much. :'(

heart blue w/ glitter 1:00 AM

1st DAY.

it was really a hard life without him in my life.
before i couple with him he's the one who always chat with me till late at night because i just broke up with my ex.
he's the one who console me till late at night because i couldn't sleep.
but now, who's going to do his part?
i couldn't sleep last night. roll and roll and roll till about 3-4 only i can sleep.
he's right now in genting enjoying i guess.
when i close my eyes at night tear drops and i couldn't stop myself.
but VIVIEN and LEMON texted me and cheer me up (:
THANKS ALOT GUYS. ilove both of you so so so much.
the day goes so slow without his message.
wound will recover as time flies.
i got no other choice than letting him go.
he's not my demanding boy and i ain't his demanding.
end earlier would be good for both of us.
its going be a hard time tonight for me to sleep.
how i wish you will be always there for me but its going to be my dream.

heart blue w/ glitter 12:37 AM

Wednesday, December 29, 2010Y

today will be the last day for ME and YOU.
i'm glad to have you for this 3 months and 13 days.
i'm also happy to be with you all this time.
you told me that i ain't your demanding one's and you ain't my demandings ones.
i understand what it means.
and i could feel how sad is your ex will be when you sent me the last message.
i really really love you for all this time.
maybe its all because of me.
its me who's the one who angry and doesn't want to forgive you.
but to be frank i hate your attitude.
you doesn't care at all.
maybe this is a very good ending between ME and YOU.
you could maybe look for a better one.
and i, hor wei wen should start studying and face my SPM soon for the 7 months.
thanks for driving me all the way to this place and that place. (:
take good care of yourself and be happy.

here comes 2011 (:

heart blue w/ glitter 5:00 AM