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Saturday, August 28, 2010Y

i've just listen to your voice.
we've not been meeting each other for almost 1 week.
honestly, I REALLY DID.
you know what?
i thought i could see you this morning in ILTI.
but unfortunately we didn't meet each other.
while i was on the way back to my house,i day dreamt if i could accidently meet you later.
guess what?
i was surprise when i saw him there.
but we act we doesn't know each other since my mom is there.
i SMILE when he passed by me and we're totally like strangers.
sometimes i would wish that both of us can talk more with each other.
but we got no topics.
i'm i tolerate enough?
i told him that i'm not going to text him anymore before this trial ENDS.
and i told him not to phone me since both of us got nothing much to talk about.
my results are getting worse.
i've absent for about 2weeks.
i'm getting lazier.
mummy started scolding.
text year SPM.
i should have started study now.
but i felt so LAZY.
i just can't do anything with it.
especially my ADDMATHS.
thats really driving me CRAZY.
is about 11.38 right now.
i can't sleep and i doesn't know why.


heart blue w/ glitter 6:21 AM

Saturday, August 14, 2010Y

i got a good good night,last night i meant.
i enjoy myself mostly sometime.
well, it starts like this.
ron ask me to out for steamboat because his friend birthday.
then i ponder for a day.
at last,yeap i went there :D
my mom put me down to parade around 4.30.
they come to parade about 5.30?
waited for an hour. sigh. so sad ):
ken ong finally arrive but seems like the sky dropping big tears.
torrential rain outside.
then i went into ken's car.
he drove me back to ron's house so get ready everything.
then about 7.30 they pick us up and start to go to the trillion.
OMG! you know what?
those food there COOLS man.
the ham they give almost more than 10 piece.
not going to finish it.
then they give us 'sang hou'
ewwww. i felt quite GELI er.
i put it in my mouth for a few second then i puke. ==
sorry i know is wasted but i felt so YUCK! =P
ate until around 10.15 we got out AHPEK's CAKE out.
chocolate cake. then they play around until about 11 ~.~
ahahahah. have so much fun :D

heart blue w/ glitter 4:32 PM

Monday, August 9, 2010Y

i've just finished viewing your blog.
i did *laughs* for just a few seconds.
seems like its quite interesting.
sighs. we've not been chatting with each other for about 3 days? including today.
how long would it be for me to wait for your message?
you told me that you wanted to study and you doesn't want to reload till your trials is over.
how long would it be? i'll respect you and WAIT!
but unfortunately you ON facebook to chat with your GIRLFRIENDS!
i understand studying makes you stress and you need to on to release your stress.
i UNDERSTAND. the main point that i don't understand is that you doesn't want to reply my comment and you don't even on MSN for just a few seconds talk?
what i want is just a GOODNIGHT.
i din't expect much from you.
am i expecting too much from you?
everytime around 6 you'll phone me once but seems this few days i don't listen any sound from my phone.
my phone SPOILT!? NO!
we don't even text each other and not for a talk on the phone.
how long would this relationship will be?
i don't know and no one knows. ):
you doesn't miss me anymore?
everyday and night waiting for your message just wanted a GOODNIGHT.
this is too difficult for you,ain't it?
view your blog nothing about me.*claps

ohmygod. i love this day sooo much.
i just can't forget how fun was it.
love it so hell much.
especially when i saw nigel and seemei was there too.
aahhhhahaha. don't expect them were there too.
i really had so much fun there.
NIGEL love to make those pig face when he passes me.
ahahhahaha. and i POKE him.
three of us got a different group. (:
guess they have so much fun too.
and the FOOD in tower regency HELL NICE er.
JENG dou <3
thats for all today.

p/s: never treat me as your doll. because i'm NOT!

heart blue w/ glitter 5:29 AM

Wednesday, August 4, 2010Y

this blog is mainly for YOU.
i don't know what happen to you and me.
we're like strangers now,ain't we? ):
you're abit different from last time like you admit on that day.
you've not been texting me from the day we argue,monday night.
did i do wrong?
i'm just jealous that you went out with another girl.
and you don't even bother to tell me.
i understand you don't have to report to me,anything or everything you've did on that day.
but this is different.
i was sick and you don't even to bother to tell me.
i can feel how much you care for me when i'm sick.
you doesn't want to show it out but i can feel it.
but the way you treat me,i'm sorry to say ITS TOTALLY DIFFERENT!
can i have back the last time you?
the way you love me,the way you care for me,the way how you called me "BABYY"?
i doesn't know are you going to text me tonight? are you?
i don't know and no one knows.
but this is really not my wrong.
you expect me to say SORRY everytime eventhough its not my wrong?
you should understands me very well.
i wished to have back the old you. ):
i regreted requested break that time.
i'm so SORRY!
before this i hurt you during your exams and this time you hurt me back during exam.
i just wish you could treat me like last time.

p/s: ILOVEYOU <3, wish you could text me tonight ):

heart blue w/ glitter 12:45 AM