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Tuesday, January 19, 2010Y


heart blue w/ glitter 2:32 AM

Sunday, January 10, 2010Y

this is a NIGHTMARE.
well the story is like this.
yesterday i requested break because of SAM don't really care about me.
and he thinks i broke up with him because of a guy name,KITZAI.
and he asked people out for a TEA.
and after that i phoned and we talk about it.
and well, okay we coupled back.
everything was fine till just now.
KITZAI ask from my friend for my number and NEL asked for SAM number.
and i gave.
after that troubles COMES!
kitzai's bro wants SAM to come out to SETTLE.
and i was like what's happening?
i ask kitzai to settle.
people wants to settle but someone talk to his brother so LANCI and make people even more MAD!
and everything will settle outside!
i've been texting SAM but he SWITCH OFF HIS PHONE!
i called ron to phone him.
and yeah, he finally on his phone back and say i want to sleep and BYE?
what he want now? i've been so tolerate!
can you treat me a lil bit BETTER!?
and someone says he don't like me after this case happened!
i don't need him to LIKE ME!
i am WHO I AM!
no longer touch my FACEBOOK till everything is SETTLE!
get away from me everyone!

heart blue w/ glitter 6:00 AM

Saturday, January 9, 2010Y

its SATURDAY today.
finally i can wake up a lil bit late today.
HAH! well, after that i went to postlaju to send out the MASK to people.
after that i went to KTM.
tot of getting the form to apply for student card can get 50% discount.
unfortunately he speaks to me so RUDE.
and OFF i go.
went back to house to pick up my bro to RE2.
after that i went to JJ with mummy.
PADINI here i come.
bought 2 t-shirt today and i apply for a PADINI member card (:
and RON told me he's there.
and i joined him and OFF we go to black canyon to look for WINNIE.
lepak awhile only.
den RON went to meet NEL and i walk with WINNIE.
cost me almost 20bucks for an icecream. LOL.
nevermind.worth for it. =P
after that meet my mummy back and we go pick up brother in re2.
we went to PC FAIR.
mygod. i hate it so much.
there's lots lots of people there.
makes me crazy.
bought 2 mouse and 1 notebook bag.
after that we went to station 18 for our PIZZEHUT dinner <3
after that went to a WATCH shop to get brother's present.
we bought ALAIN DELON cost about RM XXX. (:
thats his present. hope he'll like it.
after that we went into TESCO shopping.
i bought HEINEKEN. ^^V
after that balik rumah.
really have a great day with family today (:
ended my call huh!?
tired of acting infront of you! ):
If you love me, let me know. If not, please gently let me go.

heart blue w/ glitter 5:04 AM

Thursday, January 7, 2010Y

first i got to tell about which class i am going.
we can pick three package but doesn't mean school will approve.
so my first choice is PACKAGE 3
second choice PACKAGE 4
thrid choice PACKAGE 8
so guess which package did i get?
i got PACKAGE 3 pure science and its 4S4
i wish to go PACKAGE 4 that is 4S5 but not 4S4.
haiz. today when i went in to 4S4.
darn it. not much friends there. SOBS. ):
all of us got a different class. PISAH can i request to go 4S5? haiz.
can i handle? i hope i can ): .
but seems like add maths quite HARD.
i'll do MY BEST!
oh well, i'm so stress-out with my meetings,tuitions and tuition homeworks?
there's feel subject crash on a same day.
don't know which one should i take.
i'm FINDING for a ENGLISH tuition.
any idea?
LALALA! i need everything to be done for me. ==
ohyeah, nowadays i'm busy with my things and he's busy with his things.
not much time to text each other.
but he's really BUSYYYYY with his stuff.
entahlah dia miss me mou. xD
one day 10 message also x cukup leh.
hmmphs. but nevermind as long as you're with me its alright.

heart blue w/ glitter 12:36 AM

Sunday, January 3, 2010Y

i'm so hell bored this 2 days.
from morning wait for his message until night.
nevermind. i'll use to it.
well,this morning got message from CHEW DICKSON.
he just don't want to tell me who's that girl.
FINE. no forcing. never ask you about that girl anymore.
i read my old post.
there's lots of UNHAPPY things but i think is worth for it. (:
and i know how STUPID am i last time. LOL.
OhYeah, tomorrow BABEY HONEY VIVIEN birthday.
i think tonight i'll stay till 12.00am just to wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
she asked me out on either monday or tuesday after school.
waseh. school re-openLEPAK lagi.
i guess mom wouldn't allow =C
how SAD. sobs.
tomorrow school re-opens.
i hope i can go for SCIENCE STREAM.
i don't hope for PURE SCIENCE.
LALALA. so guys?
1 am? or maybe NO? i don't know.
forget about it.

heart blue w/ glitter 2:10 PM

Saturday, January 2, 2010Y

T O M A T O has been moody for almost A DAY.
because HE din't text me.
something happened to him?
YEAH,excuses will come later.
and i waited for his message like a DUMB people?
its already 10.37.
no message from him. haiz.
what can i do?
i can only express my feelings in blog because i know he wouldn't view my blog.
maybe he's so busy with re-open school stuff ):
FRIENDS around me are ignoring me, treated me so COLD especially HIM.
he wouldn't know how i feel ):
i just need someone to talk to but seems like no one is willing to listen.
school re-opens on monday and i guess the time we spend together will be lesser.
i guess SCHOOL-ing is kind off stress-out place.
i can have fun with friends but not waiting for his message for the whole day ):
i made her something. hope she'll like it.
i better not post untill her birthday past.
CHEW DICKSON advice me alot.
think positively (:

p/s: IMISSYOU ):

heart blue w/ glitter 10:00 PM

Friday, January 1, 2010Y

help meee.
2010 is so BORED!
mom went to KL and lil bro went out for tuition.
i'm alone in the house. ):
and he din't even know how bored i am.
he don't even care.
i text him and he reply one message?
and i said i don't want to text him and i say BYE.
he xalak REPLY!
so obvious i wasn't in a MOOD.
he don't even CARE.
i'm tired of ASKING WHY.
i don't want to ask anymore.
just let it be.

heart blue w/ glitter 8:42 PM