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Wednesday, March 31, 2010Y

YAY! lisan DONE!
i am the second one who got to talk infront.
now LEGA i!
xD. but i don't feel well today.
maybe because i walk out and play with the rain.
i took a nap just now but when i wake up i don't feel alright.
everywhere pain and i even feel like vomiting.
PANADOL! i eat panadol like how i eat RICE.
LOL. not kidding.
i'm okay back with HER dy!
i'm GLAD she forgive me C:
i love her so much!
who do you think you are PLAYBOY!?

heart blue w/ glitter 4:28 AM

Friday, March 26, 2010Y

when schools re-open.
stress came back.
extremly stress now.
i feel so stress in 4science4.
haiz. what to do?
my temper became so BAD.
i even scold people for no reason.
DAMIT! what the hell is wrong with me?
just a small stuff and i'll angry.
FCUK myself.
i'm now making t-shirts for my class for Pesta Ria.
i have to handle it all alone.
i'm TIRED!
i do this later they'll said its ugly or what.
so easy you all handle la.
i still got lisan on monday.
and i'm not ready yet.
this lisan is extremly high marks.
i'm tired )':
i'm so SORRY to those who i hurt because of my bad temper especially LEMON and VIVIEN.
i apologize.
forgive me?

heart blue w/ glitter 6:45 PM

Saturday, March 20, 2010Y

i've been not updating my BABY DARL BLOG for about 2-3 months.
i'm so SORRY :C
start my day here.
i went to WINNIE house today and crap almost 2 hours and we phone PK for a CAB.
CAB came late for about half an hour. *please do not phone 05-2534188* =P
and here we come JUSCO!
first step in got a text from TOMMY LEONG.
t.l : where are y0u? i just reached. i'm in bl.
me : i just reach. i'm coming up and find you. C:well, saw TOMMY,SAM KARDIC and EEHANG.
only 3 of them arrived.
and we follow them to take the ticket and OFF we go to rooftop to find DOMI.
SEEMEI came and we went down looked for her.
after that she requested to go kbox.
unfortunately there's no room.
while they were asking for rooms and i stand aside.
i got a phone call.PRANKER: hello, is this ms.ho.
ME*the one who kena prank: yeah, who's this?
PRANKER: i'm from digi centre. you've not paid your postpaid bill,mdm.
ME : *wondering* i'm not using POSTPAID. i'm using PRE-PAID. who is this?
PRANKER: mdm, i'm mr dominate.
OMFG! == kena prank plak. he got nothing to do and waiting for his food to come.
and he came out and crap for a minute.
he says kentsoon and SAMOU is coming.
i was like OMFG!?LOL. just relaxing myself.
after that we [ seemei,winnie and me] went to baskin robins just to sit but not to buy their ice creams. xD * SO SORRY BASKINS ROBINS *
we take photos there.
SEEMEI curi curi take my picture. HMMPHS!
is about 3.05pm and domi asked me to go capcom.
i saw HIM C: but he din't even say HELLO to me ):
and i did say HELLO to him. C:
i'm happy to see him but i think he don't.
i heard from someone saying about YOU STILL LOVE ME. IS THIS TRUE or ITS ONLY RUMOUS? ):
end up making myself extremly bad mood in JUSCO today.
around 5.30+ i feel extremly bad mood and tears droping down. :C
i'm GLAD tommy were there accompanying me untill i go home.

heart blue w/ glitter 8:33 PM