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Sunday, March 27, 2011Y

i always ask myself " why am i always the one who's less fortunate? " i don't know why. maybe i deserve it (: time flies its almost going to be APRIL now. my birthday is getting nearer and nearer. mm ging mm gok i've broke up with you almost a month plus ler. happy and sad things go. deactivating facebook maybe the first step i should take to forget somebody and someone (: isn't going to be the best? might be and might not. i'm confused what i want ): him or him? or both? i saw something on WKW's facebook. she wrote there she unexpected someone text her in the middle of the night. is it him? or a different people? LOL. i've been thinking too much these days and make me so headache. feel like banging my head on the wall. i'm serious. no kidding (: while time passes everything will be alright. SPM its going to be just around the corner. got no time to spend when i really wanted to studies nowdays even i'm still onlining here. XD. well, never talk to tommy since he flies to germany. where's him now? never talk never ask. should ask him how's him there right? (: yeap i should. my birthday is coming eh. so near so near. got to countdown. yeeeeeeeee. i wished to have an iphone for my birthday but daddy says mou money buy wor. so sad you know? supposingly i'm having my party at greentown geh oldtown. heeeeeee :D its aprilfool this friday. don't get prank (: thats what i wanted to share today. goodbye. will update soon. (:

p/s ; i'm not the one.

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