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Sunday, January 2, 2011Y
2011 ♥

time flies so fast.
its already 2011 now.
was so busy at genting there and i couldn't online over there.
the connection over there was sucks.
couldn't even really phone someone.
well, WE COUPLE BACK! (:
it was on 311210 before clock strikes 12.
let me tell you how this story goes.
well, i was date to go out on last friday[311210] to hang with my budd [ vivien and lemon ]
but suddenly, vivien told me that she's going to genting later on.
and i beg her to bring me long.
she asked her godmother and she allow but she says if anything happens to me she won't be taking any responsible.
and well i said its alright. (:
then in the everning around 5 off i go genting.
had my dinner at 'san kuet' with them.
and off we go genting.
we reached there almost 7pm and parked our car and go for genting.
we got damn lots of bag-pack. ==
we reached there and well, yeah we don't get to sleep in a hotel because WHOLE GENTING FULL HOUSE!
and yeah, the adults went to casino and left 3 of us this girl with the bags.
she called us to sleep at lobby and wait for room.
we want to see fireworks and well we didn't wait we go lepak at first world (:
i texted ron sees if is there still any room in firstworld.
he said he don't know and alright.
he told ONECHEEKEN i was there.
and so he came and look for me (:
this is our conversation in the text message ♥
ongcheeken ; where are you? are you alone?
horweiwen ; i'm at highland hotel lobby. but now walking to firstworld.
ongcheeken ; are you alone?
horweiwen ; why?
ongcheeken ; if you doesn't want to see me tell me. i won't find you.
horweiwen ; *wonder what to replied* i doesn't know what to say when i meet you.
ongcheeken ; if i request for another chance would i be granted? i make sure things would change.
horweiwen ; make sure you'll pass new year with me (:
and i'm attached/single once more.
i spend the night with him at theme park for the countdown celebration and we pass 2011 together (:
unfortunately weather wasn't that good on that day so they postponed to the next day at 8.00.
we got no room to sleep and the adults still at casino and my honey call us to go to his room for a rest and bath.
we got a double bed and 3 of us [ girls ] sleep there.
but damnit.
her godmother phone us at 5 and asked us to go down for breakfast.
we only started to sleep at 4.
i was like whatthefern?
and off we go starbucks to meet her.
and half an hour off she goes to casino once more and she asked us to sleep at the staircase.
== no way we're doing that.
and we walked around with our bags and here and there finally we got a place to sleep but unluckily the officers over there tell us that its already morning. you can't sleep there anymore.
and we go walk around and we found mcdonald.
took a long nap over there but its so uncomfortable.
no choice. and around 9 they're leaving.
and i stay with him over there (:
it was so sweet to be with him.
it was the sweetest time with him over there.
i appreciate him so much over there.
he accompany me he get me food he get me water he get me all i want :D
i was so unhappy when the way to come back.
miss him so much.
tomorrow is school again no more sweet times with him.
most probably will be busy all the time.
and that was our day (:

p/s ; ♥ you even MORE.
this was my christmas present from him. we bought it at genting padini slippers (:

heart blue w/ glitter 4:45 AM