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Monday, September 28, 2009Y

whee* eight more days to go.
count down.
ugrhh. i'm still not ready yet.
still got alot to study.
i got no time.
anyway,GAYEN if i did misund I'M SORRY!
but if i find out you're talking about me behind,i don't know what will happen to you.
and pleasee pause* quarreling in my cbox.
its not the right time.
currently close with CHUI TUNG (:
BABYYY!!! JAIYOU (: *missyou

heart blue w/ glitter 5:56 AM

Thursday, September 24, 2009Y

i'm leaving.
i mean i'm not going to on til pmr ends.
so,trouble makers write whatever you want.
i don't care (:
if you feel you're happy writing those stuff in your blog just go on.
anyway,BUDDIES i'll miss you all.

p/s:BABYY,I'll wait (:

heart blue w/ glitter 7:34 AM

you're thin but you're flat.
you got your big fat mouth with your teeth ter-kluar.
hello!? did i say everyone is jealous of my beauty?
did i mention that you're a PLAYGIRL?
four of your friends?
who ? who ?
ask them what happen first before saying the word "PLAY" in your blog.
yeah, i'm brainless,stupid and FAT.
but even how fat i am as long as i'm better than your ******* face. (:
who scolded you because of me?
did you mention that i am CHEAP and ask anyboy to be my boyfriend?
but seriously that suits you more.
AWW,poorthing you.
don't write yourself like this.
anyway, pleasee don't remember what you sent me.
you said you don't want to have enemy and want to be friends.
din't you? =DD

heart blue w/ glitter 6:36 AM

the so called "MM" girl.
hello? did i write your name there?
did i?
i'm not trying to blame anyone.
please make things clear.
i'm just sympathy kat ron okay?
he's is such a nice buddy but too bad you're his ex.
me changing boyfriend?
well, its alright you don't know anything behind.
and no point explaining to such childish people.
i won't blame you.
"must you tell everyone on earth about us?" so what do you mean by this?
did i mention your name there?
okay,back to point.
i'm totally full right now.
i'm wondering what is he doing there.
hmmphs. studying?
uhhh. i'm taking sleeping pills tonight.
can't sleep nowadays. sobs.
i'm going to jusco tomorrow with mummy for a movie.
stop here.

p/s: friend,i'm so disappointed on you.

heart blue w/ glitter 6:11 AM

Wednesday, September 23, 2009Y

mm trouble makers
heyy,if you want to scold me pleasee put your name right there.
and you don't have to put "MM" there.
don't be a snail.
okay,back to topic.
i went to parade today.
mom yesterday don't allowed me to go one.
but this morning she kicked me and asked " you going out today is it!?"
and i said "YES!"
WOOHOO! i finally can i go parade.
reached there around 11 plus.
and meet winnie kat guardian.
her boyfriend is with her.
we went to cinema and watched "NOTTI JIN"
quite funny.
watch til half way.
he call me to go out.
and i went out.
bwhahaha. saw him (:
then we go jalan jalan.
wait for his adik to come.
and we went down for high tea kat kopitiam.
then chat chat chat lor.
and its time for him to go tuition and he left parade.
i went back to winnie and have our lunch at why why bookstore with her boy.
after that lunch her boy went back.
and we went to fitting room for some pictures.
unfortunately her mom phone her and she have to go home early.
and left me alone.
but nevermind i'm use to it.
i walk around and around.
finally my bro is here but he tell me he's going to present point to buy present.
and well,okay fine. just WAIT.
help him choose a chipmunk. cute one.
and its time to back home.
a malay guy don't know what's wrong with him "BOO,my bro"
zzzz.maybe he had drugs.
well,now i'm worrying about him.
his phone again got kept.
and his dad ask him alot of questions.
we might cannot text everyday like last time.
but i'll wait. trust me. i will.
xde mood right now.
haih. ):
i have to much fun today.

heart blue w/ glitter 4:37 AM

Tuesday, September 22, 2009Y

i'm totally rotten.
i'm bored.
everyday doing the same thing.
definately,its not study.
i view his blog just now.
dia kata dia punya hati dah blah banyak banyak parts wor.
cheh. mine one totally broken.
i'm chatting with him right now.
x bored skrg. =D
i text ron just now.
he's such a nice buddy.
too bad he got hurt from the girl.
how can you treat ron like this?
you broke his heart you know?
poorthing RON.
i might be going parade tomorrow.
hope i xkan meet dou you.
harap harap.
god bless.


heart blue w/ glitter 4:20 AM

Sunday, September 20, 2009Y

i'll wait for your message (:

heart blue w/ glitter 6:02 PM

its cousin sister birthday today.
we bought fruit cake for her. *ichooseone*
i think she have lots of fun today.
next week she's going back to kl so do my elder brother.
she recieves lots of presents from us.
RED PACKET especially.
we take alot of pictures.*she requested*

YEAH,thats my cousin (:

the second time i drink =P

heart blue w/ glitter 6:18 AM

Saturday, September 19, 2009Y

tomato already rotten eh.
i'm so bored.
i want to go out for a movie.
anyway,today he go to his friends house "painin"
so,we stop texting each other.
and i'll let him enjoy.
last night i don't have a good night sleep.
thinking the words he says yesterday night.
he feel that i am different.
and i'm still finding out.
xde mood nowadays.
we'll better not text 24 hours because you'll be very bored.
and relation might get worst.
furthermore, we will miss each other if we seldom text.
so,its time to study.
i've not been studying since the holiday starts.

heart blue w/ glitter 5:43 PM

Friday, September 18, 2009Y


heart blue w/ glitter 8:12 PM

Bila terasa rindu (:

Apa agaknya khabarmu di sana?
Di sini ku sedang dibelenggu rindu
Beginikah rasa seksa perpisahan
Sungguh anehnya hidup berasingan

Hati terasa bagai tertinggal di situ
Meskipun tubuh dah jauh beribu batu
Sesaat seperti setahun lamanya
Semasa kau tiada
Apa yang terdaya...

Bila terasa rindu ku sebut namamu
Dengan harapan kau akan muncul dalam tidur
Bila terasa rindu ku bayang wajahmu dalam angan
Dan barulah ku terasa bagai disembuh...

Oh... Jauh sekali hidup di sini berbeza
Beribu kali lagi ku selesa di sana
Tak sabar menantikan detik kepulangan
Namun hingga itu
Apa yang termampu...

[Repeat chorus]

Terlintas di fikiran untuk meminggirkan saja
Semua pencarian di sini
Tetapi ini sebahagian dari pengorbanan
Bekalan andainya hari sukar mencabar...

[Repeat chorus]

heart blue w/ glitter 5:23 PM

early in the morning i have to go cook.==
mom went out to help my aunt to ready for buffet.
my lil bro went out for his boy's bridgade meeting.
might not be coming back later because he might be going somewhere else with his friends.
and left me ALONE.
mom call me to cook.
you know guys,my cooking hou hou sik ga.
and YEAH,my elder bro is coming back tonight.
he owe me 20 bucks.
thats why i miss him so much.xD
well, what am i doing right now is repeating 'bila terasa rindu' this song.
anyway,its time to go down and cook.
i'll upload some of my homemade dishes later =P

p/s:BABYYY,i'm waiting for your message (:

heart blue w/ glitter 5:14 PM

heyy, who do you think you are?
if you don't like ipoh just get lost.
you're the trouble makers.
and you made people hate you.
just get back to your HIGH-CLASS KL.
you're the one who makes people hate you.
i never know you're such people.
just acting good infront of me?
saying IPOH is a low-class place.
if IPOH is low-class just call your parents go back to KL.
and you don't have to come back to IPOH.
You like to flirt,aren't you?

heart blue w/ glitter 12:21 AM

-Nadiah [ kwanku yg kelakar (: ]
-Farah Hanim
Raya Holidays i think i'm going out for a movie.
G-FORCE.cute lil babies. (:

heart blue w/ glitter 12:13 AM

Thursday, September 17, 2009Y

T O M A T O finally is back.
this is my new blog.
i deleted the blog for some reasons.
so,new blog starts a new life.
okay,back to topic.
currently i'm fine here.
and i'm totally close with TUNG,my classmate.
we shares our things but sometimes we do talk about studies.
well,today i went out with my mummy.
guess what?
mummy bought lavender.
its not perfume its a plant.
looks so attrative thats why mummy bought it.
babyy text me this morning.
but too bad he need to keep his phone when his daddy comes back.
poorthing him (:
anyway,its almost time for tuition.
gotta go prepare.
bye bye bloggie.

the lavender mummy bought.


heart blue w/ glitter 11:23 PM