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Saturday, October 30, 2010Y

Hello blog. (:
not been updating you months ago.
now i'm here to update you every week once *if i remember*
currently life is full of LOVE.
went badminton with him yesterday.
but end up argueing last night.
but everything settled last night.
he promise me not to treat me how he treat me last night. (:
badminton makes whole of my body weak.
today muscles pain plus my hand keep on vibrating. ==
but i felt so so so damn free till i doesn't know where to go. aikss
i still got undang to read undang to memorise. hheee
hopefully xkan fail then jau godbless :D
i doesn't want to waste any of my money.
mummy bought me a notebook [should be daddy]
daddy ask me if i wanted to buy a macbook anot.
actually i wanted it so so so much after the sales man promote the macbook to me.
gosh. but end up buying a SONY'S notebook. (:
macbook is really good but some of the software can't really support.
and got to waste rm300 to install those microsoft.==
macbook is not a suitable notebook in MALAYSIA.
i bought this sony's is about macbook's price.
everything is the same but its only about the software.
macbook uses mac software and sony's uses sony's software.
i'm really happy to have a notebook since i dreamt i wanted it before before my exams. :D
thanks DADDY and MUMMY and not forgot my BROTHER (:
he's the one who helped me choose since i'm a computer 'bak chi'
will update more soon.


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