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Friday, September 10, 2010Y

these days slept quite late er.
because of KEN and RON.
they texted with me. scare ngo got insomnia.
but KEN really really do cares (:
everynight i'll sleep earlier than him and then he'll send me few message.
wishing me GOODNIGHT.
he's NICE (:
well, and YOU?
i doesn't care what you wrote inside your blog because i don't really care anymore. (:
you'll continue your life and i'll continue mine. OKAY?

p/s: i need not sacrifice so much for you. GOODBYE (:

heart blue w/ glitter 7:18 PM

Wednesday, September 8, 2010Y

time just passes so fast.
very soon school starts. :D
LOL. i had so much fun yesterday you know? HELL MAN. XD
well, actually is like that.
we reach jj first then we thought of getting tickets first.
we all plan to watch pirahna.
unfortunately the stupid seller ask for each of our ic. cool?
then we watched grownups.
that movie was totally AWESOME! :D
laugh like hell.hahahhhahahahhahaha
after that movie we plan to go kbox but there's no more room.
so we went to rooftop and boys when to snooker.
honsum and zheyu teach me how to snooker eh.
that was really really cool. finally i know how to play snooker.
after that ron and ken sampai.
i walked with them.
i told them that i was hungry they brought me to SUSHI KING.
woahhh.. XD
they laugh they smile they just... hahhahahahhaha
couldn't describe much. i just couldn't stop laughing when i'm with them.
ken was the funniest. =P
how i wish i can go out with them a lil bit longer (:
after that they went back and i join back winnie.
winnie was in kbox crying.
sigh. long story and complicated.
love is just a stage of living.
no big deal. come on. be happy. appreciate what you've got now. :D
she leave about 6.30 and i stay inside the kbox till about 8 something.
mummy come and pick me up.
but i felt regret because we abondon SEEMEI.

p/s: INSOMNIA goodbye (:

heart blue w/ glitter 8:29 PM

Monday, September 6, 2010Y

its 070910 today and its our last memories.
i appreciate the day i'm with you.
break up doesn't meant everything but at least i got some sweet memories with you.
the day i'm with you i'm really really happy.
sometimes you just loved to make me angry (:
love the way you made me angry.
last night we both got quarreling but at last i off my phone.
this is because i doesn't want to get things worse and i know you just quarrel with your parents.
i know you're in a very bad mood.
but at last you made the first move.
you requested for breakup.
i thought both of us would last longer than 1 month and 18 days.
but maybe i'm too childish.
the last message you sent me i'll always remember.
this word will be always in my brain.
may your life would be better.
god always bless you.
do take care.


heart blue w/ glitter 6:27 PM

Saturday, September 4, 2010Y

hey guys, i'm back (:
holiday COMES,but there's nothing else i can do other than studying ):
study really makes me crazy,YOU KNOW?
i felt so SORRY. i'm really really SORRY.
these days you've been so tolerate but me?
instead of tolerating i put my fire on you.
SIGH. he told me that his phone going to expired today.
what can i do? ):
just let it be.
IMISSYOU, i really do.
should i go out on monday?
should i or shouldn't i?
i know i should treat you a little bit better.
btw,nowadays banyak friend dgn carmentho and jingjing.
they both are really crazy.
happy with them :D
waiting them to date me out for PIRATHA.

p/s: 我不是一定要你回来.

heart blue w/ glitter 5:12 PM