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Thursday, June 16, 2011Y

its been years i never update my blog. i'll only update my blog if necessary. currently busying with all my results. my results this time real worse than ever. probably i even worst than the girl whom used to get last in the class, CYN. i was really surprise with my results this time. how am i suppose to tell my mom about the results i've got? maybe i'll even get last in the class. AMAZING! i wanted to leave school as early i could. left few months to go. lets study and try my best to get a better results next exam which is trial spm. its going to be a real tough month for me. The following is what i wanted to say to you guys,
CYN- yeahh i know this time you did quite okay for your exam this time but doesn't mean i'm going to lose to you everytime and each exam. i'll make sure i can get all higher marks than you. and please do not ever ask EZRIN about my results for bio. i don't even want to let you see why are you being such a bitchy asking peoples for my marks?
PYJ- ohhh, wey are you seriously jaspreet dog or what? you have to ask her for every single thing? LOL. maybe you don't understand english i won't blame you okay? its not a problem seriously. and you're seriously a fake friend of mine. you'll only use someone when you need and throw something away when you don't need them anymore. appreciate what you have.
JASPREET- i purposely wrote your name here just because you been rude to me so so so much. saying that i'm turning and twisting stories. LOL. did i? pleasee do not think you're always the right one because you're not. you did nothing for nie and you want koko marks with your money back? just because teacher says you're not allow to have pizza? LOL. malu? you deserved it. i don't care even if you said i'm not a good friend of you or what. i just don't care.
VGHYY- you always thought that you're clever and what you did is all pretty and nice? don't be so perasan because sometimes you did something ugly too. don't be too over okay?
thats all i wanted to express my words to. even i felt just a little bit okay after writing everything here. crying is the best way to express my feelings than sharing to someone that won't understand. goodnight.

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