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Wednesday, May 12, 2010Y

babyy darl blog.
i'm here (:
should be inside the school right now.
mugawd. exams is comin. everything just crash together.
even exams is around the corner i still can watched tv and online.
i just couldn't concentrate in my studies.
whenever i sat on the chair my mind will be thinking somelse.
cool right? i know I AM. =P
i watched THOMAS CUP yesterday.
MALAYSIA WON! YAY! i can SEE LEECHONGWEI this friday,tomorrow.
i don't know what's wrong with me.
i'm addicted with BADMINTON matches!
i was like screaming last night supporting MALAYSIA infront of the TV.
ahahahhaa. luckily i din't get scolded from my MUMMY.
i support MALAYSIA because i want to watch LEECHONGWEI vs LINDAN!
<3 LEE CHONG WEI so muchie.
Ian ask me to go for a new tuition this saturday.
haih. should i go? if i really take this tuition then next time i don't have to go shopping dy. ):
should i or shouldn't i?

p/s: nothing's gonna change my love for you <3

heart blue w/ glitter 7:57 PM

Tuesday, May 11, 2010Y

is already 11.07. should be on the bed right now.
lots of homeworks today and i half done.
another half maybe tomorrow morning.
lots of things happened.
i'm sick.
i've been doing so much things and what do i get?
hurting myself? broke my own heart into many pieces?
maybe i'm too sensitive.
come onn. people is <3 her. what's wrong? nothing wrong right?
tears slide down from cheeks without reason.
another HIM!
sorry for not answering your call.
another HIM!
thanks for being by myside when i needed someone to share my feelings so much.
but i think both of us still need some time to move to another level.
sorry if i hurt you.


heart blue w/ glitter 6:07 AM

Friday, May 7, 2010Y

my babbyyy blog.
i've not been updating you for years ago.
recently lost of things happen to my life.
whenever both of us pass by each other it will be like strangers.
i don't know what really happen between us.
i got no friends to talk to right now ):
i even recess with no one.
loitering around the canteen.
maybe sometimes i'll eat with chiutung <3
secondly,that few days that he din't text me he wrote something in his blog.
i don't know who is he referring to.
but mostly i guess is for his girlfriend.
thirdly, someone loves me.
and his mummy kept his phone.
aleluya. xD poorthing him.
i even pass his a note yesterday when we both go to the same tuition. (:
fourthly,THANKS TO SAMKARDIC who cares about me so much.
who was there for me when i need someone sooo much.
he's always the BEST (:
lastly,exams is around the corner.
i got not much time to prepared.
i guess i'm going to fail very soon.
say WElCOME to bad subjects.
everything mess up my mind.
how i wish he was there whenever i need people to talk to.
he text me this few days.
freaking happieee =P
thats all for today.

p/s: how i wish those things you wrote there is referring to me but thats impossible.

heart blue w/ glitter 7:04 PM