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Monday, November 29, 2010Y

holiday just started but i guess probably its going to end so so so fast ):
i've quit working in SECRETGARDEN in tigerlane.
i hate that fucking job.
i never worked as i waitress before but this place were so terrible especially the MANAGER [ TT ] and SUPERVISOR [KAIXUAN]
what i hate the most is that the fucking MANAGER ask me to wash the plates clean this and clean that.
i am waitress not your servant,UNCLE!
who you think you are shitty MANAGER?
can't you use your brain before you talk?
never seen such BRAINLESS MANAGER before but i guess this is the first time for me (:
he scolded me today till i CRIED!
he says to me ' can't you use your brain? '?
WHATTHEFUCK are you barking here UNCLE?
its just a small matter can't you speak to me in a polite way?
i didn't speak rudely to you. didn't i?
thats all about the SECRETGARDEN MANAGER.
nothing much about him, i could only express his shitty brainless fucking brain doesn't function all the time. [ i couldn't blame him for that,right? ] (:
guess this working place is not so suitable for me.
i regreted because i QUIT! ):
lets go to another topic of mine.
well, i x touch my phone la.
he's fetching pet home wo together with ron and JEANNIE wo.
aihhhh. who do you think he is wo? your driver?
he's MY BOY!
not your special DRIVER!
but FINE. i'm not the driver i can't crap much here since the driver doesn't cares much.
i doesn't WANT to be like this la wey.
felt so FUCKUP these day ):
i got not much money left for genting.
probably i'll only go genting just walk around.
not going to play or have fun there. SIGH!
troubles HERE and troubles THERE.
how i wish i would have somebody to talk to ):
guess is getting late.
i'll go for FACEBOOK before i get to bed.
GOODNIGHT,friends (:

heart blue w/ glitter 6:12 AM