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Monday, November 30, 2009Y


he's finally oneFIVE now

still a kiddy =P

heart blue w/ glitter 7:49 AM

Friday, November 27, 2009Y


always share my feelings with her (:

today take one


thats the chocolate i wrap for my bro's girlfriend

cantek? (:

heart blue w/ glitter 10:51 PM

Wednesday, November 25, 2009Y

i just came back from KL.
i feel so tired and sleepy right now.
but i miss the day when i'm in KL.
everyday SHOPPING =P
On sunday i went to TIME SQUARE and i thought of playing those childish game in the park but no one accompany me. =[
but i lepak sana la. then have dinner with my KL siblings.
On monday i went to MIDVALLEY. i never bought anything. all almost 100 bucks plus? mygod. my aunt cooked dinner for us. =D delicious man.
On tuesday went to SUNGEI WANG. bought quite lots of things for my bro =D.
At last, wednesday PAVILLION. i bought a t-shirt. thought of going to FCUK [french company united kingdom] to get clothes one. no time to walk already.
needa go PUDU RAYA for bus. BALIK KAMPUNG.
anyway,i really the time i spend in KL especially SHOPPING =P.
i miss my uncle aunty.
my aunty is such a nice woman.
she ready breakfast,lunch,dinner and even dessert.
i feel so sleepy right now. oh YEAH, my handphone sudah rosak.
will upload pictures in the next post.
*might be going parade tomorrow.

heart blue w/ glitter 7:08 AM

Friday, November 20, 2009Y

buddies i'm going to KL tonight.
don't miss me =D
won't be blogging until i'm back from KL.
KENNY came back from thai.
miss him alot =P
anyway, yesterday i really have to much fun with my HUBBY =D
she's my ONLY ONE.
we went to watch 2012 around 6.20.
that movie end at 9.00.
mygod. 3 hours. butt also pain dy. =D
but this movie is interesting.
don't miss it. you'll regret.
my bro's girlfriend's birthday is around the corner.
he's thinking what to get for her.
i gave him an idea.
you guys know that i work before in a flower shop and i got experience in wrapping flowers.
but this time is to wrap chocolate [ferrero].
when i'm done i'll post it =D.
i think its time to get ready for tonight.

heart blue w/ glitter 7:55 PM

Wednesday, November 18, 2009Y

nothing special nowdays.
got nothing to write in my blog =D
well, never went to school today but its CORAL SPEAKING!
hate it man. annoying.XD
nowadays i'm addicted to XDO.
everyday on just to play XDO.
kenny sudah pergi THAI er.
today mom call me to cook.
i cook cabbage,mushroom and and and yong tao fu.
actually cooking isn't easy at all ==
will never do it anymore.XD
and YEAH GUYS i stop working for some reason.
going to KL this saturday for some reason also.
what else? uhh. i really don't know what to post nowadays.

heart blue w/ glitter 3:26 AM

Friday, November 13, 2009Y

i needa go out after this post.
so nervous.
alone bukak kedai.
takut man.
don't know what to wear also. walaoeh.

heart blue w/ glitter 5:50 PM

Wednesday, November 11, 2009Y

just came back from PARADE.
habis interview and gao dim jor le.
start working on SATURDAY =D
nothing special to post nowadays.
i'm just waiting for my XDO to come back.
wonderland and dreamland la wey.
tunggu dia balik =D

heart blue w/ glitter 11:15 PM

i'm so HELL FREE nowdays.
i QUIT (: my job i mean.
my itchy hand sudah balik.
kena makan ubat balik.
bodoh punya tangan.
but if i x QUIT now soon i also will because i hate that JOB.
bored and keep on doing things.
so what's next?
YEAH, today i went to sing chung sing again.
saw itu BABI RON =D
saja tao senyum. what else he know?
after that pergi TESCO beli HL nui nai =D
NEL call me to go JJ this sat.
should I?
CHOONG WINNIE joining him leh.
better not be light bulb =D
i ate alot today.
going to be dai fei poh.
bwhahahhaha. tengok bila je =D
bored er today.
finding another new JOB.
nights la buddies.
currently i'm addicted to www.pps.tv =D

heart blue w/ glitter 3:50 AM

Monday, November 9, 2009Y

well, nothing really happen today.
school and work.
what else? BORED la.
today willie chow find me in parade but i din't told him where i work.
XD. biarlah dia cari sendiri.
uhhh, i'm bored.
i'm waiting for XDO balik =[
bila balik? i need the pendrive la.
i'm going to get rotten.
i want to change my job =[.
feel to sleepy right now. sobs sobs.
and YEAH, this is dedicated to KENNY [zai]
i don't understands why you always says i suka HIM?
anything wrong with you?
or there's something you're hiding from me?
keep on saying i LOVE HIM I LOVEHIM.
i only treat him as my friend.
JUST FRIENDS nothing else okay?
nights buddie.

heart blue w/ glitter 5:00 AM

Sunday, November 8, 2009Y


she's oneFIVE now

she loves DOREMON (:

she's single/in a relationship

all the best for your oneFIVE year

heart blue w/ glitter 5:35 AM

well, this morning i din't attend japanese class.
i told my mom i wanted to stop it.
i don't really understands what is she teaching =X
mom macam tak really suka i stop.
but she din't say anything.
and then i have 'chee cheong fun' for lunch.
den straight away go parade dy.
i reach there around 12.30 but i start working at 2.
so what can i do is? LEPAK! =P
then pergi cari my BABI in cd shop.
dia today 1 break den pergi jalan jalan dengan dia.
makan SUSHI =D
after that SUSHI my STOMACH macam mau burst. XD
den jalan pergi kerja already.
again the same thing i am doing.
uhhh. today one couple came.
i think she wants her boyfriend to get her few stick of rose.
that girl is so annoying. ==
xpe xpe.
i SABAR jew =D
after that work til 7 balik rumah.

heart blue w/ glitter 4:55 AM

Saturday, November 7, 2009Y

as all of you know that i deleted him in MSN,FACEBOOK,FRIENDSTER,MYSPACE and BLOG.
he text me just now.
and following is our conversation:
HIM:deleted me as friend in myspace,blog private and msn blocked me.Angry me?
ME:I even deleted you in facebook.Nope,not angry. No worries.
HIM:Not angry but deleted me.Why? May i know? What you want just say. I thought we still can be friends.
ME:You scolded me that day onwards ngo mou lam gor you still can treat me as your friend. And what did you write in your msn? Happy breaking with a played girl? Thats obvious you're writing about me. And why do you still wish me that night? I'm not trying to quarrel.
HIM:I broke up with winnie and couple back. Why is't you? Sigh* why do you think i'll be writing about you?Cause you are or what? But i couple with you,i don't think you are. I scolded you? Wth? LOL. You xkan xtau perangai i?
ME:I see.Yuen loi thats the reason. (: understands.
HIM:But nevermind. I won't care you'll take it serious or not.Non if business. And yeah,let me tell you,it may makes me feels more better. I really don't hope to break with you that time but i must.It's because what you know? You're angkuh.I know you kissed before.Got gf lansi bf with french kiss and look down on a guy that still have the virgin. But that's your style.Hope you can change the style before there're more guys got hurt by you. From that day onwards,in my heart just have winnie and not you. END'
ME:I din't look down on you. You should know i'm playing with those things. LOL. Actually there's alot of reasons from you breaking with me. Which one should i believe? Its not so important now. Its already 8 Nov 2009. Already 8days. And there's no more point telling me what's the reason you breaking me or you and her geh stuff. I don't know why are you telling me those stuff.Wants me to look back or what? You don't have to explain anything. Because in this 8days i tried very hard to stop thinking about you. And i never thought of you'll still text me. The reason why i deleted you in every single of the online tingy because i don't want to care about you stuff anymore.And you don't have to view my blog anymore. Very soon it will be private. Anyway,you guys really a perfect match (:

after that dia sudah xde reply (: wheee. rawks man =D

heart blue w/ glitter 8:00 AM

so hell tired today la.
my job is like non-stop doing things.
and what am i doing is like no ending.
keep on everyday GUARANTEE got work one.
i don't feel like working there anymore.
is like i'm non stop doing things.
i feel soooo TIRED.
somemore not much people buy flowers.
everyday doing the same thing.
and i was yelling to my baby darling.
she says i'm a STUPID.
she warned me before but i din't listen at last i got suffer.
working bukan sangat syok punya.
so you guys better don't work =DD.
i'll rather stay in the house ONLINE,SLEEP,EAT,PLAY,TV.
just now i view few people's facebook.
i saw some of the band pictures.
but some ugly comment from a GUY.
he just non stop saying that MGS band looks like AMC band wor.
zzz. WTH!?

heart blue w/ glitter 5:27 AM

Friday, November 6, 2009Y

i deleted that post. (:
i think there's no point caring bout it so much.
i talked to my kawan just now.
he phone me.
talk alot dengan me.
adviced me alot.
i really 24 hours FRIEND.

heart blue w/ glitter 5:28 AM

Thursday, November 5, 2009Y

finally i'm done with all my surat sakit.
actually thanks to my gorgor,tanwenjun (:
dia tolong ngo buat ge leh.
banyak hou leh.
you can't imagine how many letters he help me to do.
six letters =D
gilaa BABI!
anyway, abang dor jeah banyak banyak =D

heart blue w/ glitter 7:30 AM

first of all i din't go to school today and very soon i'll get SURAT AMARAN (:
so i have to go school tomorrow.
this morning went to vivien's house.
den we took bus to bus station only change bus to parade.
almost took us 1 hour to reach PARADE.
kita tiba kat parkson and not parade.
i pegi but 100yen geh snow ice.
pagi pagi beli ice cream makan.
i choose PEANUT today =D
SEDAP jugak.
then vivien pegi work tapi left me alone.
jalan jalan den saw waiket.
never expected he was there so early.
den chat dengan dia skejap we walk to food court makan.
tapi half way he balik dy because manager sudah datang.
den i eat alone lagi.
today i pegi kerja pada pukul 12.30.
siram pokok den bla bla bla.
almost 4 like that.
i saw HER walk pass TWICE with her FRIEND.
STARE at me.
xpe. i sabar (:
after that i asked my boss 'can i off at 6 today?'
she says 'OKAY!'
gei song la wey.
pergi bawah tunggu vivien off also.
den we go tengok baju.
try and take picture for sure =D
after that go tapao sandwich.
den walked pass RADIOACTIVE nampak dia eh.
den came out and talk to us.
but actually he talks more with vivien ==
he's sooo hell cutee asking funny questions.
LAUGH none stop.
after that balik rumah (:

heart blue w/ glitter 4:12 AM

Wednesday, November 4, 2009Y

anakku and I crap alot just now.
==. he took 17 pictures of it and he says he's posting in his blog so ngo em zap shu la. =P

heart blue w/ glitter 7:27 AM

well, i start my day with washing up myself before going out MAKAN with mama & popo at "sing chung sing".
RON work kat sana punya.
he purposely go toilet then SMILE at me.
den i was like sudah jadi MAD.
i LAUGH for no reason.
pass by me twice.
after that went to parade to meet RON.
but before that jiajia asked me to helped her to find a job.
walk pass cultural walk and hip hop to help her asked for a job.
finally she got one in cultural walk [sell wedding card one]
after that i meet RON at cultural walk.
jiajia says she scare boys ge wor. ==
i called her to walk along with her tapi she x mo.
den xpe lerh i walk alone with RON.
first we went to rooftop liquid itu NAMA.
after down and thought of going kbox but we changed our plan to cinema.
we watched POKER KING.
very damn FUNNY that movie.
laugh alot in the cinema.
den played with RON in the cinema.
he ar banyak lan gao one.
sunddenly took my handphone
sunddenly poke me.==
after that movie we went to kopitiam.
share alot of our things and we took alot of pictures.
XD. he gila gila punya. whahahhaa.
anyway, thanks for the treat RON (:
and YEAH, i tindik hidung dy la.
when i take it of today in toilet.
blood all over my nose.*geliiiii*
now better dy.
esok change nose ring (:

heart blue w/ glitter 5:34 AM

Tuesday, November 3, 2009Y

went to school today.
got nothing to do today.
sit in the open hall until recess.
i share alot of my things to LEMON.
whee* feel so much better right now.
and TIRED jugak.
after that went to parade.
as usual change my clothes in fitting room.
next KENNY says he wants to meet me.
woahh laa.
walked awhile with him and keep on beating him.
his hand is totally red because of me.
XD. too high jor.
after that i went to dabao for my lunch.
definately i saw THEM.
i was like nothing.
straight straight go.
i din't even feel SAD.
suprise? hmmphs. i also x tau nape will like that.
XD. but then also quite happy.
after that start working.
around 3.30 boss went out to see her new shop.
left me alone kat that shop again.
today sold 2 teddy couple bear cost 50 bucks
sold 2 bonquet flower cost 8 bucks and another one cost 35 bucks.
i make is myself because boss xde. (:
after that BALIK RUMAH (:
feel to hell sleepy right now.
tomorrow MISS MGS.
but still i'm not going to school.
tomorrow OFF somemore leh.
sure have FUN!
tomorrow going out with RON.
RON kata he hou chi likes me wor.
what a big fat joke.
right? (:
anyway, i poke my finger twice today, yesterday twice. 2+2=4
blood coming out somemore.
banyak pain.
too careless jor.
i gotta sleep.
i'm so hell sleepy right now.
nights nights. (:

heart blue w/ glitter 6:22 AM

Monday, November 2, 2009Y

esok dah nak balik skolah.
x suka skolah.
bodoh punya activities.
what for going to school?
wasting TIME.
tapi x gi skolah x leh.
kerana Kementerian Pelajaran Perak kata x gi skolah berturut turut 3 days ONE WARNING LETTER wor.
i x mo gi skolah la.
they sure got alot of questions one.
x suka gi.

heart blue w/ glitter 10:00 PM

papa's birthday is around the corner.
so what i did is.
i bought a card and we decorate it.
WE included my ABANG and ADIK.
ABANG & ADIK only wrote few words.
tapi ME ahahaha. i only make a LOVE.
others WAILI tolong one.
i wait her at starbucks today.
we chat alot.
she says LIFE is GOOD.
and i told her i'm STRESS OUT.
actually i'm not so stress out now.
i think i put down those things.
maybe part of loving is to let go.
why don't we SMILE and wish them well?
am i right buddy?
my love to him won't just easily go to another guy.
it needs time.
and YEAH, i hate starbucks.
makes me vomit.
he couple with the GIRL!
WHEE* i'm mad.
the price really hurt man
muka depan

leng leh

heart blue w/ glitter 9:23 PM

kwan kwan i xleh sleep la.
its already 12.29 am ):
what can i do?
i'm not sleepy.
this is the way you left me.
am not pretending.
i have no love no glory a HAPPY ENDING.

heart blue w/ glitter 1:00 AM

TOMATO is in a relationship/single.
YES/NO more flirting with him.
YES/NO more crying for him.
YES/NO thinking of him.
never cry for a guy who never treasures your tears.
*vivien call me not to act.
what for not acting?
sad also need to go on ge la life.
why not SMILE and wish them well?
i know you can do it my babe vivien. (:
i make you SMILE wert today.
sor sor geh SMILE.

bought this two today
new picha

heart blue w/ glitter 12:00 AM

Sunday, November 1, 2009Y

I gotta say what's in my mind
Something about us
doesn't seem right these days
life keeps getting in the way
Whenever we try, somehow the plan
is always rearranged
It's so hard to say
But I've gotta do what's best for me
You'll be ok..
I've go to move on and be who I am
I just don't belong here
I hope you understand
We might find our place in this
world someday
But at least for now
I gotta go my own way
Don't wanna leave it all behind
But I get my hopes up
and I watch them fall everytime
Another colour turns to grey
and it's just too hard to watch it all
slowly fade away
I'm leaving today 'cause I've
gotta do what's best for me
you'll be ok..

heart blue w/ glitter 9:31 AM

kwan kwan i xleh sleep la.
its already 12.29 am ):
what can i do?
i'm not sleepy.
this is the way you left me.
am not pretending.
i have no love no glory a HAPPY ENDING.

heart blue w/ glitter 7:32 AM