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Thursday, April 14, 2011Y

OHMYGOD. my birthday is just around the corner. next friday? wheeeee. i can't wait. but i don't think its going to be fun on that day. seriously not so fun. sigh. i wish to have lots of lots of presents. hhee. and i feel like opening a party at kbox. but i don't know its working or not. might not. =/ so sad you know? its just not about my birthday its also about my mid year term exam on my mother's birthday. thats AWESOME (:


heart blue w/ glitter 3:51 AM

Friday, April 8, 2011Y

LOOK what's the time and date now. how come day passes so fast? its going to be my birthday dy leh but things didn't goes that awesome like i've planned. well, i've planned to have my birthday party in AIRPORT unfortunately most of them couldn't make it and what's the point of having a party for my birthday? and he've done ZERO thing for me. him as my boy should do something for my birthday right? maybe i'll celebrate all on my own this year. its not about the money its all about the heart. the very first year my birthday is on goodfriday and its a holiday for my school. but is there any difference? nothing seems to be the difference for this year. hahahhahaa. sigh. why is things getting worse? i felt so tired of these days thinking of my birthday my studies and HIM! the fucking him! do you think you deserve my LOVE!? eh,i've given too much freedom to you. maybe you've not use to it. can we just break up? i feel like saying this word AGAIN! its AGAIN! sigh. you ever done something for me when i'm feeling empty? ZERO! you only knows how to advise me to smile this and that. ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS! you understand!? you will never understand. tired of saying about shit stuff which is not going to stay long. yining asked me if i wanted to join her to taiwan but you see i never put too much hope on it because i knew it was just a dream for me. even how cheap the airplane ticket is the answer will be a NO! i've knew what the answer will be and what for am i asking her? LOL. so funny me. when can i go TAIWAN? LOL. i don't know. maybe few years later? or maybe not? i'm so stress these days. it doesn't seems like i'm in a boyfriend mood even if i had one.

p/s ; should we continue? or shouldn't we?

heart blue w/ glitter 5:54 AM