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Monday, February 7, 2011Y
ITS 8/2/2011

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. HORWEIWEN is back. i'm tough and i'm a strong girl. mummy talked to me once more this morning. TOUCHED ='(. she hugged me. guess this was the very first time she hugged me when i grown up as a adult? MY MUMMY IS ALWAYS THE BEST. MUMMY i'll promise you make sure i'll study well and not to go out late at night. alright? ILOVEYOU so much MUMMY (: the only woman that could make me smile in my hard times. what i need is time to recover back my mood and especially my neck. D: the skin is tearing i guess? this is so sad. i don't know what should i do tomorrow. sobs. well, sorry TOMMYLEONGMINON if i hurt you with my words. i didn't mean it. i'm sorry.

heart blue w/ glitter 7:16 AM

Sunday, February 6, 2011Y

why do things could happened in a really short time? what's the answer for this? I DON'T KNOW. how good if things could change or time could flow back so that no one could make mistakes? i'm so headache about my neck. when is it going to leave my neck? i don't know. i'm not going to school tomorrow. not even on tuesday. when could you leave me? ): i'm praying hard that you'll leave me. i doesn't want this mark. please leave me as soon as possible. can you? JESUS, please take it away. i'm praying hard for this miracle. ): i never will go out till late at night. i promise JESUS. i will never go home so late at night. can you please just leave my heart? i've let you go but it is my heart is still with you? WHY IS IT ALWAYS A YOU IN ME and NOT A ME IN YOU? i'm tired i'm real tired. let me go. let me leave. never ever let me see you anymore. i would have forget you as time flies. life come and life goes. why not live happier for each and everyday? (: stay cool girl.
Delete you from Facebook: Done ✔
Delete you from Msn: Done ✔
Delete you from cell phone: Done ✔
Delete you from the Heart:Error ✖ ♥

heart blue w/ glitter 4:09 AM

Saturday, February 5, 2011Y

its cho-4 today. probably i still got to stay inside my room once again. and once again mummy talked to me. console me not to be so childish. think mature girl. you're no longer a 2 years old baby. you should think wiser. there's no guys who's good in this world. why not have a better life for myself? yesterday night i couldn't even sleep well. i don't feel alright. yes,i do sleep but then i woke up. i don't know why i feel so uncomfortable. i hate you,ONGCHEEKEN. please do not let me see you anymore. you're like a piece of shit. you're ugly. you're fat. you're brainless why do i still love you? ONGCHEEKEN,bloody asshole YOU DON'T DESERVE MY LOVE! just disappear from my mind okay? i should have listen to lemon to forget about this relation but why am i do dumb still going for such relationship? OMG! HORWEIWEN don't you think you're so dumb? always thinking about the same person who wouldn't think about you every day? YUCK! HORWEIWEN can't you start with your new life? i hope that the mark on my neck is going to disappear as fast as possible so that i wouldn't have think about it anymore and i can start with my new life. ONGCHEEKEN, if you wouldn't ask for break ups i wouldn't have been to barroom. if i wouldn't have been to barroom nothing is going to happen to me. ITS ALL ABOUT YOU! I HATE YOU SO MUCH! GET AWAY FROM MY LIFE. I SHOULD HAVE START AND CONCENTRATE ON MY STUDIES. please do not think anything else than STUDIES! alright,horweiwen? you must stay strong and no more going out till late at night. ITS A MUST!

heart blue w/ glitter 8:58 PM

hello everyone.
its 10.57pm now (:
2011 CNY was worse for me.
i had a bad bad night a bad bad day.
i had my cho2 and cho3 dinner at house ALONE.
don't you think this is worse.
if i had listen to you i wouldn't have been there.
OMG! no next time for that shit place.
these few days he's there texting with me.
i'm glad he's here.
after he leaves. i don't know who should i talk to after this.
FOHHH. after that i should have start with my revison and my diet program.
i make sure he'll be surprise when he sees me next year.
i'm looking forward each day and each second.
time could fly.
horweiwen you should have forget about his guy named ONGCHEEKEN.
he's so MEAN. he got no feelings. he doesn't know the feelings of hurt.
he's so DUMB. shit him. yuck!
HORWEIWEN should start your new life. (:
start concentrate to SPM! pleaseeeeeeee horweiwen.
you must. taw?

p/s ; yeeeeeeeeee. sleep well darling. :D

heart blue w/ glitter 5:57 AM

Thursday, February 3, 2011Y
barroom night.

it wasn't that fun in barroom.
barroom could happen anything.
this is the second time i'm here.
i'm scare ):
suddenly just a unknown came and hug you from the back from the side.
OMFG! what should i do? i don't know. i'm scare.
D: i should have listen to ron earlier not to go there and HABIS yourself.
this will be the second time and it will be the last time!
no more going to barroom. i'm so scare. never try this before ="(
even if i'm going only go with your boy. please do not go with a gang of guy.
you nanti HABIS makan. sigh. i'm so scare.
i still got the feeling of scare.
i wish i was in ron's house today so that i wouldn't go to barroom today.
if its not because of you i wouldn't be at barroom!
can i have him back? i want him back pleaseeee.
pleasee give me back him ):
i want him so much. i want to hold back this relationship so much ="(

p/s ; can i have you back? )":

heart blue w/ glitter 10:11 AM

Wednesday, February 2, 2011Y
the first day of CHINESE NEW YEAR.

this year is the worse CHINESE NEW YEAR i never had.
maybe this is because all growns up.
each other says and do different things.
and well,story starts.
it was last night i argue with him.
he says i ain't understanding enough.
and conversation started to argue.
he said sorry because he doesn't want to break.
and he says maybe both of us should calm first.
and yeah,so i did.
i apologise to him when the clock strike 12.
and i wished him HAPPEY NEW YEAR.
i don't even get one of his replies. maybe he's pondering of breaking up with me?
he's fed up i know. he couldn't stand anymore my shit attitude.
to be frank, my attitude was worse =X i AGREE with this.
he've been so tolerate to me but still i still shitting with my attiude.
he's the one who always says sorry and me?
never said it before.
he doesn't want to reply.
i waited for his message for about till 2.
but i don't see him replying and i fall asleep.
when i wake up at 7.59 i saw his message saying that he doesn't want me anymore ):
he's asking for break up for another time.
can i hold this relationship back? ):

p/s: PLEASE SAY YES! )":

heart blue w/ glitter 3:18 PM

Tuesday, February 1, 2011Y

its NEW YEAR EVE! (:
time flies so fast ):
NEW YEAR EVE is here and SPM will be here very soon either.
i don't want new year can i? sigh.
yesterday went out with my babeyku,vivienwong.
chat quite alot of stuff la we even played bowling.
my bowling skills getting worse!
maybe i've not been playing with that for few months. :D
aihhh. what should i write over here?
to be frank, I'M GOING TO MISS YOU after you leave ipoh. D:
how i wish i could go KLIA too.
you talk to me so polite when we started texted back.
its so different compare the days we're together.
wish to see you on valentines.

p/s ; i couldn't control my heart.


heart blue w/ glitter 6:12 PM


heart blue w/ glitter 6:12 PM